Ganesha & Tulasi 

Vrinda Devi who is considered a wife of Vishnu was born to Raja Dharmadhwaja due to a curse. When she came of marriable age , she came across Ganesha in Tapas in a forest , and in Maya, got attracted to him, wanted him as her own.

When Ganesha refused , she got aggressive and hence Ganesha cursed her to turn into a plant ( Tulasi ). Later when she repented and after arduous Tapas , he blessed her to be the most sacred plant, capable of giving Vaikunda Prapti , but still will not be used in his worship.

Only once a year, on Bhadrapada Shukla Chathurti , is Tulasi allowed for Ganesha Puja, and only together as 21 different leaves.

The hidden message behind the story is , Tulasi is seen as Maya in this case, and whereas even the Trimurti are said to be under the grasp of Maya , Maha Ganapati is said to be ” Maya Mukta ” beyond her grasp.

As such Ganesha Bhaktas and Upasakas should not offer Tulasi to him.

– Thanks to Yogindra Mutt Morgaon ( Upasana Book ) and Mallika Ji for translating to English

Reminder : Tomorrow is Sankashti Chathurti

– Shri Maha Ganapataye Namaha , Karuppan Thunai

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