The Karuppar Initiative Foundation (KIF) is the brainchild of Acharya Shree Kumar Ji, an experienced mantra upasaka of Sri Ganesh and a lifelong bhakta of Sangili Karuppan Swami.

Acharya Shree is a retired oracle of Shri Sangili Karuppan Swami, the fearless Kshetrapalaka and Bhairava Amsha famous in Tamil Nadu, South of India.

The Foundation has 3 main current Projects as follows:

  • The Ganesha Initiative Program:
    Started in 2022 January, via this program, the propagation of Puranic Ganesha Worship and Sadhana, offering of puja manuals and guidance for the monthly Sankashti Chaturthi Ganesha Vrata and puja paddhati, has positively benefitted the lives of hundreds.  


  • This process includes the support and feeding of young brahmin kids in Veda Pathashalas and Gurukuls in India every Chaturthi tithi.


  • Where possible, Shree Kumar Ji also initiates qualified bhaktas into the Tantric Mantra Sadhana of Ganesha and supports them in a 1 year guided process of Sri Ganesha Sadhana that covers various aspects.


  • The Karuppan Initiative Program:
    Being an ardent bhakta since childhood and a former oracle of the powerful Ksetrapalaka, Sangili Karuppan Swami, Shree Kumar ji has been spreading the worship of Sangili Karrupan Swami pan India from Gujarat to Bengal, from Kashmir to Kerala.

  • A milestone was reached with the construction and consecration of Shri Sangili Karuppan Peedam, a temple for Swami Sangili Karuppan in Pollachi, India on January 22 2024. The project was crowd funded by his disciples and supporters.The temple consecration was also attended by Acharya Shree Kumar's well wishers, yoga guru, Sri Guru Rohit Arya and Esteemed Tantra Upasaka Rajarshi Nandy.


  • The Shiva Sevaka Program:

  •  After spearheading group contributions for the construction of a Shiva Temple in Thiruvankaranai village in Tamil Nadu, by Guru Kataksham Trust under the guidance of Kanchi Peetham in June of 2022, avenues are still ongoing for Shiva Kainkarya or Service to Shiva.

  • In 2023 Maha Shivaratri, traditional ritualistic Vibhuti was shared with support of Bala Veda Pathashala and Rudrakshas blessed in Kathmandu Pashupatinath temple was distributed to bhaktas.
  • In 2024 Maha Shivarathri, a group Rudra Abhishek was conducted at Chandreshwar MahaDev temple at Varanasi, also known as Kashi for protection of everything Dharmik.
  • Currently a manual for simplified Shiva Linga Puja and the English meanings of the Shiva Ashtottara (108 names) is in the works.
    A Kashi / Kathmandu Divyakshetra trip is also being planned for June 2024.

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For enquiries one may Contact Shree ji at +65 88917698 over whatsApp.