In the Vinayaka Purana , it mentions how once , King Indra's chariot was grounded on account of a sinner witnessing his flight in the kingdom of King Shurasena.

He told the King , he needed to recharge it with the punya of someone and since the previous day was Sankashti Chathurti, anyone who had gotten the Punya by fasting on that day could transfer their punya to him.

The soldiers searched the whole city but found no one. At that moment the Gana’s of Ganesha was found carrying someone, a sinner to Svananda Loka, Ganesha’s abode.

This was enough to wash away her sins and earn her a place in the abode of Ganapati. At that moment , the air that had touched the sinner’s body touched the chariot of Indra, and that was enough to get it to fly again.

We will be arranging a group initiative to do a monthly brahmana bhojana (feeding of kids learning Vedas at Veda Pathashalas ) starting this Sankashti Chathurti and it will be done on every Sankatahara Chathurthi.

Here are pictures of how the Bhojanams of the Kids will be ( from the Vedapathashalas we are supporting )
Group sankalpa will be taken and video will be streamed and pics shared.
A Whatsapp group will also be open for those wanting to learn how to do a Vrata for Chathurthis, or help in starting a simple 40 day Anushtana for Ganapati, Nitya Puja and Manasik Puja etc.

Those interested to participate in the monthly bhojana and gain the blessings of Ganapati please contact us using the form below me or follow the link below

Shree Maha Ganapataye Namaha - Sangili Karuppar Thunai.