Though the worship of Nagas today is not as widespread among Hindus as it once was, occult streams are rife with it.

In Thai Buddhism , where they have a system of Sak Yants , spiritual tattoos , where monks who hold specific precepts and chant mantras as they tattoo , Mantric symbols and fonts , Naga Sankyants are popular, and used as a protector as well as bringer of wealth.

In South Asian countries with a Vajrayana Buddhist presence , I have also seen Naga Pujas done before the start of any major construction projects , to appease the Naga Devatas who might get annoyed .

They are said to get angry with pollution of the seas and destruction of natural habitat.

If you read the mention of Naga Lokas , Patala Lokas in the Ithihasas , they are often much more abundant in riches than even the Deva Lokas.

I have once read a Tantra text, which mentions doing a certain lakhs amount of a specific Ganesha Mantra , in front of the entrance of a secluded cave , to invoke a Naga Devi.

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