Maha Siddha Sundarar

Once a cowherd was brought to the village Tantrik. The cowherd had gone to bring his cows out to graze , when he came back to the village , his wife had came to hug him, he stopped her saying he wasn’t her husband.

Thinking that her husband was possessed , she called the village elders to bring him to the village Tantrik.

Once there , the Tantrik was using his rituals to get the supposed spirit out of the cowherd. The cowherd smiled as all the rituals proved ineffective and stared at the Tantrik, who lose his ability to move.

Then the ” cowherd ” bellowed in a voice not of his , saying , your little games won’t work on me , I’m not some cowherd , im the Maha Siddha Sundarar, from Kailasha.

The Maha Siddhar was traveling past the village when he saw cows crying surrounded by the dead cowherd. In his extreme compassion , he had entered the body of the Cowherd so as to bring the cows back to the village and stop their tears.

The Maha Siddhar would later take on the name of the dead cowherd Moola , and be known as Tirumoolan, who wrote the Thirumanthiram.

Before leaving the village, he told the Tantrik, instead of using your little Siddhis to make money of these inocent villagers , help them if you can.

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