Bhargava Purana

In the Bhargava Purana , it is mentioned that the mind born son of Brahma Deva , Sage Marichi obtained the boon that the divine mother would be born to him as his daughter and Sri Ganesa would become his son-in-law.

Accordingly , a Shankhu (conch shell) appeared before him and transformed into a girl who was named Vallabha or Siddha Lakshmi.

Later on she was given to marriage to Sri Ganesha , who become known as Vallabhesa, i.e Vallabha Ganapati ( Maha Ganapati).

Sri Visnu Bhagawan and Lakshmi Devi later gave their 12 daughters , Moda , Pramoda , Subhaga , Sundari , Manorama , Mangala , Kekini , Kataka , Charuhasa , Sundari , Nandini and Kamada in marriage to Sri Ganesa as well.

Today being Krishna Angaraka Chathurthi, which confers the blessings of all Chathurthis when you propitiate Sri Ganesha , may we constantly speak his name in our lips and think of him in our thoughts.

Shri Maha Ganapataye Namaha 🙏

Artist : Hari Kedara

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