Temple Building Initiative for Sangili Karuppar in 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Temple Building Initiative for Sangili Karuppasamy has begun.

Construction of the temple is in progress at this very moment and sketches on the finalised temple appearance is attached below.

Front-ViewTemple Sketch

Side-view Temple Sketch

This Sangili Karuppan temple project is spearheaded by Senthil Shree Kumar, founder of Karuppar.com and Ganesha Initiative, which feeds over 200 Brahmin kids on every Sankatahara Chaturthi in Veda Pathashalas all over India.

Brahmana Bhojanam on Sankatahara Chaturthi, led by Ganesha Initiative

SK Raaja Bhoopathi comes from an established family of lawyers in Pollachi and is the Kovai North Leader for the Legal Welfare Society and he has Kindly donated his land for the purpose of this temple work.

Sivathiru A Kumaararaaj

The temple is constructed as per traditional customs and construction of this ksetra is led by Agama Velvi Thilagam Stabathi, Mr Sivathiru A Kumaararaaj.


Building a Ksetra is no easy feat and strong financial support is crucial for the successful completion of this project. For those of you who would like to be a part of this journey to uphold Hindu Dharma and honour the great warrior, Sangili Karuppar, please do contribute to the building of this temple.

It is mentioned in our sacred shastras that monetary contribution for temple building is an act that earns the abundant blessings and grace of the devata.

Attached below are the expenses incurred for the construction of this temple and those who wish to contribute or need more info may contact Shree via WhatsApp @ +65 8891 7698 or Mr Raaja Bhoopathi @ +91 96965 25252

Let us uphold Hindu Dharma together and let us all come together and make this temple a reality.

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Aum Sangili Karuppanasamiku Jai.

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