Reflections on Varna , Caste & Guna

Whenever this topic is spoken, from a Traditional
Brahmin , it inevitably leads to the immediate emotional
reaction of discrimination, of injustice, etc.

Now, Caste Atrocity is an unfortunate reality that has happened in the past that no one can seriously deny.

As an indian born and raised outside of India , where caste is extinct among indians,
i might not relate to those who had suffered from
such discrimination, but i know it has existed.
Whenever a group of people are put in a position of privilege , it is inevitable that a certain sub section is going to abuse it. It is just a human flaw.

I have also met online, some real nefarious and toxic "anonymous" accounts from said group, who spew vitroil and hatred constantly in their posts,

while at the same time talking about their sattvikness of diet, behaviour and superiority.

Now going past all of that. Varnashrama was (is) an integral part of Dharma.

Though with the onset of Kaliyuga the practice has been going down. Even during the times of the Mahabharata,

in the episode between Nahusha and Yudhishtra , Yudhishtra mentions that the Varnas have mixed so much that it was difficult to identify which was which.
I also remember a Jyotisha Guru who mentored me , when talking about marriage compatability , saying how..

looking at the Gunas were important. In the past, a warrior who fought for the King,
would need a wife, who would hand him his sword and shield and send him off to battle, instead of emotionally blackmailing him to stay.

I can see how Varnas would have worked in this case.
Does it make those who dont practice Varnashrama , evil, or unworthy of the grace of the Devatas? No.

Does it make brahmins and others who choose to uphold Varnashrama , evil or guilty of caste atrocity? No.

In my personal experience, i have 2 friends whom i trust,
who practice and support Varnashrama. One , who follows the Kanchi Peetham and the words of Maha Periyava strictly and
is a Sadhaka of Lalitha Devi.

On his birthday, he messaged me asking for my blessings as a Bhakta of Karuppasamy.

Another asked me to bless his beautiful child on his birth tithi. Both are Brahmins.
Does this look like the behaviour of Caste Superiority thinking people?

Most of them are harder on themselves and on their own group of people for not upholding the percepts they are supposed to, rather than on others.

This reminds me of the episode in the Mahabharata where Bhishma asks Maharishi Pulatsya on the merits of Kshetra Yatras.

The Great Rishi says, it is so that the common man can derive the very same benefits ( punya ) as the Brahmana does with his Daily Nityas and the Ksatriya with his costly sacrifices.

He even further says, if the Brahmana fail to do his requires Nitya Karmas, and the Kshatriya his costly sacrifices, they will become Shudras.

Even then the path of Kshetra Yatras and its Punya would be open to them.

I see the paths of Bhakti, Yoga ( Kriya ) and even Tantra ( which has its own system of classification not as bound to Varnashrama ) in a similar vein.

These systems do not need the stamp of approval of the others reliant on traditional Varnashrama, and ViceVersa.

- Karuppar Thunai

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